Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Haul

You can't go to a quilt show with vendors and not buy at least SOME stuff. I am no exception.

So here's my haul:
3 Show pins (one for me, one for Julie, one for Chris)
1 2017 Engagement calendar
1 AQS Quilt Week 2016 T-shirt
10 rotary cutter blades
3 1 yard cuts of fabric - can you see the red and white? Yup, those are for the new quilt, which I hope to start this weekend.
1 book, and wouldn't you know, it's a book I already have. Sigh.
1 MOK mug (see yesterday's post)
1 MOK sticker (already on the car)
2 jars of New York produced pickled relish & wax beans with garlic
a tank and a half of gas,
1 night in a hotel
2 dinners out at good restaurants (1060 in Syracuse and MOK in Hoosick NY)
11 hours of driving

I'm not usually a T-shirt kind of gal, but it was what was printed on the BACK that made me buy it:

I've had a quilt in each of them. Yay me.

AQS will NOT be in Syracuse next year, which is kind of a bummer. It was the closest one I could get to without flying, and that means I may not get to another for a long time. The folks in Syracuse are a bit disappointed. According to one local, the AQS show brought over a million dollars into Syracuse. That's not chump change, but the vendors said they didn't do the usual business in Syracuse that they did in other AQS locations.

I had a grand time visiting and met a lot of good people.  More on that (and a pink barn spotted on the drive to Syracuse) later, because I'm still really tired.


Nancy J said...

And no outing is to be valued as " Had a great time" without bringing home lots of goodies. Well done .

Quiltdivajulie said...

Nice haul - great fabrics and a fun t-shirt just to have hanging on a hook in the quilt studio (even if you don't wear it). MOK sounded like a very good time - glad you and your mom enjoyed. That book is so good, it is almost worth having two copies (one to spiral bind and one not). AQS used to be in Nashville but then the floods happened and the venue wasn't available at the right dates which is what moved them to Knoxville/Chattanooga area. Sorry to hear about Syracuse for 2017.

Allison said...

It sounds like a great trip, Lynne!

Yesterday I was thinning out my academic books (making room for fabric!) with my young neighbour. We came across a book I used to use for teaching writing - Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. The metaphor comes from her father teaching her brother to write, working on an elementary school report on birds. He coaxed his son through the process saying "bird by bird, [name], bird by bird."

This morning I'm working on assembling my bird quilt. I have neither your space nor your eye, so I'm patching this together in a different fashion. I heard myself say, "bird by bird, Allison, bird by bird."


Sarah said...

Looks like your haul was more controlled than my haul!! I have yet to photograph mine and admit to it all. Bummer about 2017 - this appears to be my first and last AQS show.