Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flock of Fancy Quilting Details

Check out all this delicious yummy quilting Chris did on the Flock of Fancy (Birds quilt.)

I love the way the feathers and swirls complement the negative spaces around the birds.

I've sewn the binding on the back of the quilt, now I will hand sew it down on the front.

Somebody wanted to know how I ship my quilts. When I ship my quilts anywhere I use USPS Priority Mail. The quilts I exhibit in shows are all appraised and insured on a separate rider of my homeowner's insurance policy. I'll have this quilt appraised as soon as it's finished.

Anita (my son's MIL) asked about a hanging sleeve. I've answered her separately, but here's a photo of the back of the Black and White Crayons that shows the signature panel as well as the hanging sleeve on the back.

And as long as I am answering questions, if anybody wants to know WHY I made a the "Too Much Chicken" quilt, please read this post. It's a funny story.


Anita Saitta said...

Thank you, Lynne! I read the 'Let The Chicken Go' post - very funny! Inspiration really can come from anywhere. And thank you for the picture of the quilt sleeve. I have an old quilt that my grandma made that I once hung on the wall with thumb tacks. A sleeve would have worked a lot better!

Brenda said...

thanks for showing us the details. Lovely quilting!

Sewgirl said...

The quit turned out fabulous. The quilting is just spectacular...and it shows so well in the photos. Do you know what kind of batting your quilter used? Curious minds want to know!!!