Friday, May 27, 2016

Boring Binding...

I had my hair cut last night after work, then came home and made dinner, cleaned up and finished adding the binding to Diamond Jubilee. I wasn't quite sure how I'd like the dark binding on this light quilt, but I think it will be fine.

Looking at this photo I am reminded of a comment my pal Julie made when she visited me a couple of years ago. We were sewing and when I noticed she was watching me while I pinned two pieces of fabric together I said, "Yeah, I use pins."

"You use a LOT of pins."

Well, if I don't want the fabric to shift, I use pins. And frankly, if I want my binding to stay where I put it, and to stay even all around the quilt, I have to use pins. (I own some of those clips, and I have to say they bug me. I don't use them.)


Nancy J said...

I like the border, and I use pins, specially if sewing merino for Hugh. Lots to make sure the hem doesn't skew. And for a flange binding as well, more than anywhere else.

Richard Healey said...

I love the binding. I love contrasts though. I do not use pins and dont care if the binding is even all the way around. Bah I should care but what fun would that be.

Millie said...

First of all, I care because doing it right increases the life of the quilt. Next I was taught that I leave my signature on everything I do. If it has my name on it, then I don't want to be ashamed of that. And lastly, doing it well is also fun. This quilt will be a gift to someone I love and to give a poorly made object would be an insult.
I'm proud of my work and craftsmanship is important to me. If you think it's okay to do sloppy work that tells me you don't really care. If you don't care, why should I care about your opinion? Because frankly, your comment tells me you don't get it, and aren't interested in improving. You're acting like a three year old. Either take responsibility, improve your work and grow up, or go away. If you want to join the adults at the "big table" you have to earn it.

Pat said...

Not only do you use a lot of pins, those look like really tiny pins to me!! I'd honestly be terrified of losing one and having my dog get tangled up in it but there is no arguing with the results you get. The results are beautiful. I looked at your post on how you do it and definitely agree that the miters look better when you sew from the front.
I love the binding you selected for this quilt ... okay, I love the backing and the top, too. :D