Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Saturday

My Mother and I went to the MQX quilt show in Manchester on Saturday.  There were a lot of quilts with lots of details, lots of quilting, lots of sparkles, lots of embroidery...

It's funny because I supposedly go "over the top" yet my quilts are minimalist compared to these.  There was a lot of beautiful stuff, but only one quilt really "hit" me.

This one. And that THIS ONE hits me is really saying something, because by and large I do not like "picture" quilts. Generally I'm not impressed with an image that has been projected onto a piece of fabric, and then painted; or an image that has bad drawing errors (there were way too many of those yesterday).  This one is pieced, and no attempt has been made to make up for that. This quilt has the emotional impact I'm going for. It has everything it needs and nothing extraneous.

this is the label for the quilt.

I met some lovely people. I handed a business card with my Black and White Crayons quilt on it to one lady. She looked at it admiringly, then pointed to my name. "I know that name. Is that you? You're famous." I thought it was pretty funny. My Mom said, "I told you!"

When I told folks I had TWO quilts accepted into AQS Paducah this year, all were impressed, and one lady asked "Did you win a prize?" I said I was never going to win a prize at an AQS show, as my quilts weren't quilted to within an inch of their lives..." Again my Mother whacked me in the arm. "You never know."

Afterward, my Mom and I went to get some Pho.  Gosh, I love that stuff.

Then we stopped by the new Whole Foods store that just opened. I packed my cart full of fruits, vegies, and a beautiful steak I'll cook on the grill later.

After that, I went to Staples and had one copy of Julie's book, Build-a-barn, spiral bound,

because it is SO much easier to use.

Hey, you gals at QT? Recognize the photo?


Sandi said...

I've been following Shruti's blog 13 Woodhouse Road for sometime. She does some amazing portrait quilts. That one of her son is delightful. Check out her Portrait Quilts tab on her blog.

Glad your momma is so proud of you.

Mystic Quilter said...

He is a beauty! Thanks for showing this one. I am hoping my Build a Barn quilt from Julie will arrive today or tomorrow and what a good idea of yours getting a copy spiral bound.

Sharon said...

Wow, those are some beautiful quilts. But I agree with you - most of them are so over-done (to me) that I don't care for them much. The one of the little boy is wonderfully done, and does have quite an impact.

You know, your Mom is probably right! *grin*

I've been making letters the last few days and I think I need to get Tonya's book spiral bound too. It would be a lot easier to use!

Quiltdivajulie said...

GREAT post -- we have Whole Foods here, too. It is always busy!

sharon said...

We were at the show too Lynne - quilts were interesting, some very inspiring. I wanted to see the Farmers Wife Sampler - We were comparing the show to AQS Lancaster, quite different. Can you tell me what Staples charged for doing the spiral binding on the book? Sharon

Millie said...


Valerie Levy said...

While I truly appreciate all the really fancy, exquisite and utterly amazing quilts out there in quiltland my heart loves a minimal quilt...the humble quilt that hangs out on the couch, that gets transformed into forts or carted out to the campfire. These are the quilts that make day to day living beautiful...colourful. The fancy ones will never get the love they deserve...they'll be like the coveted and admired dolls in boxes that were never allowed to be played with.