Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oh Crap, Part Two

So bad news, good news, bad news.

1. My iPhone is well and truly dead. It won't do anything when I try to turn it on. I'm not surprised, really. It spent at least 10 minutes in the washing machine under two feet of water.

2. Yes, I had ordered the total replacement insurance for it.

3. The deductible is $199USD. 

Since the phone belongs to the company, and they gave it to me to use, it belongs to them. I broke it, I pay for the deductible to replace it. That's fair and square. I can't tell you how long I've had a cell phone except that it's a long time. Since probably 2000 or so, when I had a tiny flip phone. In all that time, I've never broken a phone, and I've had a flip phone, a Blackberry, a MS smartphone, an iPhone 4, iPhone 5s and now an iPhone 6s. Maybe I was due. Who knows.

An aside: my son works for Apple Care. Had I purchased the phone from Apple, and bought AppleCare (for $150) I could have got a replacement for $99. And I'm entitled to TWO replacements in 3 years. Food for thought, sports fans. (The insurance from the carrier is 9 bucks a month, and over three years that's $324. Like my son said, "that's too much.")

All day I've been using my old iPhone 5s. OMG, is it tiny. Now I couldn't use it for calls or sending or receiving email or texts without activating it (which I did not want to do until I knew for sure what I would do with the damaged one), but I could get alarms and basic stuff. At the end of the day what bugged me the most was the thing was so small and hard to read. So I calculated the $199 cost over a full year and determined that at 55 cents a day, the replacement was worth it. I figured, WTH, this is what a savings account is for.

So I filed a claim, forked over the $$$ and I should have a replacement later today or tomorrow.

Best news? I'm good at making sure I sync it regularly to iTunes, and all my photos from my phone automagically sync to my iPad.  So I didn't lose any data or photos.

Life could be a whole lot worse.

PS Today is my dear DIL's birthday.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Megan said...

Oh crap indeed. Rats, rats, rats.

Sydney, Australia

La MaƱosa said...

I wondered if the Apple Care would be a better deal. I will probably get my next phone from Apple instead of Verizon. I am glad you are getting a replacement!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Research done, options weighed, decision made -- happy birthday to DIL !!

Nancy J said...

With all things... the calculations can weigh up the pros and cons, and when the cover amounts to TOO much, go the other way.So glad the new one is coming so soon.

Tine said...

Good decision.I have one of the large iphone 6 models, and I can barely read what's on my old 5s.... You get used to the size so quickly :)

Sewgirl said...

My son damaged his due to carrying it on his person while working out...the sweat basically destroyed the inner workings..and no, he did not have apple care or any of the like, and is now back to using his old iPhone 4s....it could have been much worse!!

Shasta Matova said...

I didn't know there was a deductible for replacement insurance. But then again, I've never gotten it so I wouldn't know the detail. Glad you're getting a replacement.