Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's a Small World

My son and DIL brought me to Disneyland and I loved it. My favorite thing by far was "It's a Small World" 

The building that housed it was nothing less than a feast for a quiltmaker. 

I loved the way the shadows changed the emphasis on the shapes. 

It was every bit as stunning at night. 


The color and shapes were very graphic (geometric) and reflected everything I love about quilts. 

  It was wonderful 


So many places to get inspiration for a quilt. 


I have to say trying to post a blog using my iPad is an exercise in frustration. I can't crop my pictures the way I want or place them where I want. So forgive me is these posts aren't up to my normal standards 


Nancy J said...

When I am out with my camera, I see things in a totally different setting, and your photos would inspire any quilter, for me the last one, love those points, and the colours.

Just Ducky said...

I see a quilt coming with your interpetation of A Small World coming. Lkely for that new kid coming

Patches J said...

Have you seen the "It's a Small World" quilt by Jen Kingwell? google it! It's amazing!