Friday, January 8, 2016


This trio of birds were all inspired by the fabrics I used for the wings.
This is a Tula Pink fabric, and was screaming to be a wing.

I've had this batik blue and white fabric for at least seven years. It's hard to use unless you have the right place for it. This wing is certainly the right place. I kept this bird all monochromatic blue.

This green fabric was a bit brassier and bolder than I expected it would be. I thought it would be a slightly warm middle green, but it's really bluer. The shape of the wing is echoed in the print on the breast and the bright beak seemed like a good fit.

I don't have stories for these. Perhaps somebody would be willing to share their bird interpretations?


Quiltdivajulie said...

The first bird reminds me of the chiffon scarves my mother wore in the 50s to keep her hair neat on windy days. Need to think a bit about the other two. There is definitely a story going on with the third one but is it the wing or the breast fabric ... Or maybe that beak - hmmmmmm

Quiltdivajulie said...

Still haven't put my finger on what it is about that third bird that intrigues me . . . pondering continues!

stitchinpenny said...

The first one is the Southern lady that always coordinates perfectly and is sweet and soft and warm. The second is a lady that is very structured and the blue represents a uniform she wears to feel comfortable in life. The third lady is the one who knows that an unexpected pop of color and pattern- such as her beak - will be a conversation started and give her instant popularity.

Ellen in Oregon said...

The pink bird is like a friend I once had who always dressed matchy-matchy from head to toe. Everything from her undergarments to her purse/shoes had to match perfectly before she would let anyone see her. Her home was the same way - everything was matched from the furniture, the artwork & throw pillows. Pink Bird appears put together, but proves looks can be deceiving because her life is every bit as chaotic as she looks controlled. Pink Bird is proof that looks can be deceiving.

Blue Bird is both happy & content with life. Whoever decided that the color blue represented being down on life or in the dumps never met this bird. She views herself as being the Bluebird of Happiness and likes everyone around her to feel this way too. She is almost always upbeat & sees the glass half full because she is an optimist. She is no Pollyanna, she knows life is not perfect. It is the simple things in life that bring her joy & she likes to pay it forward when she can. Blue Bird is humble & a friend to all kinds of birds. Blue Bird is a good egg.

Green Bird is in love with the way her vibrant green wings look. She is convinced that her wings actually flap better because they look so sharp. Green Bird has always considered her wings to be her best feature & enjoys it when other birds compliment her on them. She likes to think she is a bit unique with her varying scale of her fabrics & their combination of both subtle & vibrant patterns. She considers herself to have a hip vibe. Green Bird feels her fabrics represents both form & function.