Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pretty In Pink

This pretty  pink bird was too pretty to have black legs, so I gave her pink ones.

I'm getting a root canal today.



Megan said...

Oh, Matilda has popped up. She is very pretty, isn't she? Did you know that she won "Miss Lake Oswego Elementary" when she was only 8 years old? She hasn't entered a beauty pageant since and only came by this award because every girl in the school was automatically entered!

Now in her early 30s, Tilly is still considered very attractive, although in her career in dental laboratories her looks have always been irrelevant. As a teen, she had her sights set on joining the International Ice Patrol, an organisation that monitors the movement of icebergs in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. However, that would have required her to relocate to Connecticut and she wasn't willing to leave her beloved Lake Oswego. So, she undertook studies locally and qualified as a dental laboratory technician. She worked for seven years in one of the major dental labs in Portland, but then used her entrepreneurial flair to set up her own firm. 'Tilly's Teeth - Restorative and Dental Appliances for the Discerning' is now considered to be the leading supplier of crowns, bridges, implants and dentures on the west coast of the USA.

Tilly doesn't do much 'hands-on' work herself these days. Her focus is on staying abreast of developments in dental technology to ensure that Tilly's Teeth is at the forefront of the industry, and managing planning, marketing and management for the business. She employs a staff of 32 in an architect-designed building in Lake Oswego, and the company enjoys a reputation for being an 'employer of choice'.

In her leisure time, Tilly enjoys her weekly class in hapkido (a Korean martial art) and training for the World Ice Art Championships, which are held every year in Alaska. She was World Champion in the Single Block - Abstract competition in 2013, when she wowed the judges with her impressionistic sculpture of an impacted wisdom tooth. This year, she is planning a massive work of an incomplete fracture of a posterior tooth in the style of Picasso - something that she believes has never been attempted before.

Tilly is in a long-term relationship with Edmund. The couple are to marry this summer and plan to start a family very quickly.

And her good looks? Tilly understands enough about how the world works to realise that it can be helpful to be considered physically attractive. But she's never been one to exploit it. She does take care with her personal presentation and wears good-quality, well-designed clothing that doesn't ever go out of style. The ensemble she is wearing in this photograph is one that she's owned for a number of years. The featherwear was hand-painted by a indie designer from California and Tilly chose the pink blouse to compliment its colours.

Sydney, Australia

Millie said...

So the fact that Tilly operates a dental clinic -- is that just a coincidence given I'm going to the dentist today? Hmm ...

Once again, Megan, you entertain me!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I am going to the dentist today, too -- beginning the final phase of the implant process. Sending you good wishes for your root canal!

Shasta Matova said...

I am enjoying seeing all your birds. Love hearing the backstory from Megan. Good wishes on your root canal.

Megan said...

No - of course it's not a coincidence! Had to build it in. That said, you're talking to someone who has spent many many $$$$$$$ on dental work over the years, including loads of root canal stuff. To be honest, I don't understand why everyone talks about root canal therapy as though it's so bad. I have injections for the pain and happy gas for the anxiety and it is fine. Not a lot of fun when it comes to paying the bill, mind, but the procedure itself doesn't seem all that traumatic to me.

Sydney, Australia