Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

No,  you are  not seeing double. These are twins, but as with all siblings, they each try to make themselves different from the other.

Is this the older sibling?

Or is it this one, who's facing in the opposite direction?

You tell me!

Happy New Year!


Quiltdivajulie said...

In our family, I am the older sibling and I happen to be slightly taller than my sister. We have lived many states apart for a long, long time but whenever we are together, we still finish each other sentences. We've enjoyed sisters' weekends in St. Louis, Louisville, Nashville, and Minneapolis - laughing and chattering the entire time. I know she has my back, no matter what.

Judy in Michigan said...

Happy New Year Lynne! Even though you don't have one bird up-side down yet, the backwards facing bird makes me smile. Best wishes to you!!

Kathy said...

I almost prodded you to make a bird facing backwards, but knew in due time, one would appear.

Lynne Julie Bluewing (or is it Julie Lynne Bluewing?) is a true leader of the flock who is momentarily looking back to be sure everyone is following her, including her twin. The twin, Julie Lynne (or is it Lynne Julie?), is really a follower who excels at mimicking everything her sister does and says, so every once in a while they will trade roles just to shake things up. When they get going in a conversation, no one can keep track of who said what. But that doesn't matter as they are both on the same page and they sing the same song in harmony.

Happy New Year !

Pat said...

I love these birds and am happy to see one facing the opposite direction. I made four of them a few years ago. They were facing each other and I had a terrible time doing it. I guess I'm just too dyslexic to do it comfortably. Same reason I am terrible at paper piecing. I can hardly wait to see what you do with this flock. It's obvious you are having a wonderful time with them.

Jackie said...

Happy New Year Lynne and Millie. I'm the oldest in my family but as all my 5 siblings are guys I'm smaller then them (thank goodness). I love all the birds and enjoy seeing what combination your going to come up with next.