Monday, January 11, 2016

A Gentleman (Bird) & A Lady (Bird)

 This could be an elderly gent who loves to work on the "curb appeal" of his home. I mean, nest.

And this would be his neighbor down the street who loves lots of color in her garden.

Hmm...  I wonder...
(Do you wonder the same thing as me?)


Megan said...

Hmmmm - I think I know what you might be wondering, but I suspect that there's little chance of romance between this lady and this gentleman. I think the chap is just too darn conservative and unadventurous for Ms Hickleton.

Soozi Hickleton - yes, she changed the spelling of her name (from Susie) by deed poll when she was only 14 years old - is one of life's vibrant personalities. Her every waking moment is filled with noise and colour and drama (in a good way) and other birds: she loves nothing more than joining a new flock and getting to know them.

Even though she lives in the suburbs of Biddeford, Maine - which to many people is Dullsville Central - Soozi enjoys a rich life. Apart from her full-time job in a wallpaper shop, where she enjoys helping customers select papers to suit their homes and their personalities, Soozi is a member of the Abenakee Golf Club (primarily for their social events, rather than the golf itself), volunteers in the wardrobe department of City Theater (just wait and see what she's created for the upcoming season of West Side Story - it's gonna knock your socks off!) and is one of the driving forces behind Biddeford's La Kermesse Franco-Americaine Festival, which celebrates the city's French Canadian heritage. (Soozi has no French Canadian stock in her family, although she thinks it would be rather fabulous if she did.) Last summer she volunteered with the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center to help orphaned harbor seal pups, spending up to 8 hours per week cooking fish-flavoured porridge to help them build their strength for release into the wild. On Thursday evenings, she runs a free yoga class for homeless folk (not all that many takers, to be honest) and is an enthusiastic and popular presenter at the Poetry Slam and Theatre Sports programme held every third Tuesday of the month at the Run of the Mill Pub on Main Street in the neighbouring town of Saco.

In her spare time (I TOLD you she was a dynamo), Soozi maintains the website for her local old folks' home and helps with fundraising efforts for the Biddeford Under 10 Girls' Netball team.

To be honest, I simply can't see that she's got time to explore the possibilities of a romance. And, now that you know a little more about her, do you really think that the gentleman in question would find Soozi's go, go, go way of living all that appealing? I mean, there's got to be a stronger attraction than blue spotted legs and rather swish feather curls. I think he'd be tired before he even finished reading her schedule for the upcoming week.

It was a kind thought, Lynne. But if you're serious, I think you'll need to create another bird for this gentlemen: someone more demure, more self-contained and altogether more content to stay at home pottering in the kitchen.

Sydney, Australia

Millie said...

Oh Megan, you've got me laughing.

Valerie Levy said...

Perhaps this gentleman would be suited to Miss Polly Perfection, the contrived yellow bird who secretly works for the Quilt Police. Together they work tirelessly to maintain a flawless facade of their property and relationship. They wear complimentary cardigans to church of Sunday and often invite couples with similar interests to join the for tea and rare, premium earthworms served in their finest china.

Kathy said...

Yes, the gentleman, who shall remain nameless, just doesn't understand why some people (birds) must garden in their front yard (which is where the sun shines the most). The flamboyant display of flowers is just too much for him. As he walks the neighborhood he mutters to himself and to any who would listen to him (like Polly Perfection), "We have worked so hard to develop a nice looking suburbia. Now, Those nitwits come along and spoil it. Where's the grass? Where's the manicured hedges?"