Monday, October 26, 2015

Snaps is a Flimsy!

 The Snaps quilt is a flimsy, and needs a better name. Here it is on my front steps.

 This came out so pretty!

Here are some of the fabric pairings.

Here's the green block I added to the quilt to give it that little "kick in the pants" element of surprise. This green was used in some of the block centers, so this isn't the only place this fabric exists in the quilt. (That would be bad!)

Here's the other, smaller, element of surprise. The centers of the cream blocks were the ones that had contrasting centers, all the pink and orange blocks had all cream centers. I wanted to change that up too. I was important to do it in a block where the green would "read" as a light value.

It's these unexpected elements that make such a difference.

Now that it's sewn together, I like it a whole lot more than I thought I would. In fact, I really, really like it!

I don't think this quilt needs a border. And I am inclined to think this quilt needs appropriately "modern" quilting.


Nancy J said...

This has gone together so fast, and that zingy green adds so much to the whole quilt. A agree, no binding, and I am sure you will find a design for the quilting that will be just right.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree that it is VERY pretty - love seeing it outdoors on the railing. Well done!!!!!

Babby58 said...

Funny but I thought the bottom row, third from left was the other "surprise" block.

Jackie said...

Love it!

Elaine M said...

Love it! I'm ready to go get Raspberry Orange Swirl Sherbet.

Sandi said...