Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Ballad of the Rotary Cutter

In 1983 I bought a pair of Olfa rotary cutters, and I'm still using them. I never succumbed to the colors or gadgetry of any of the newer versions.
Then one day last week as I was changing the blade on one of them, the little flat spring bounced off the table and fell into the floor vent next to my sewing table.

I heard it go "ping" as it hit the bottom of the vent and bounced out of sight.


So I bought two more.  Again, I resisted the gadgets and colors. This version works and I'll stick with it. 

I wonder if they'll last 32 years?


Megan said...

I've still got - and use - my one and only original Olfa from 1991, which was when I started quiltmaking!

Sydney, Australia

ES said...

32 years! wow! I am sure if i ever have to buy a new rotary cutter it will be because i have lost one of the little washers or something.

Ruth said...

I am still using my first Olfa cutter that I bought sometime around 1985. I didn't use it when I made my first quilt which was hand pieced and hand quilted.The pieces were cut using templates and a scissors but when I trimmed my borders after I quilted it I used my rotary cutter and moved on to strip piecing and machine piecing and I never looked back.
BTW I just bought a pack of 10 Olfa 45mm blades on Amazon for $21.86; that is better than 50% off at Joanns.

Pat said...

I always detested changing blades on my original Olfa cutter. When the new quick change cutter came out, I bought it, gave away the old one, and I have.never.looked.back. :-)

Just Ducky said...

Next time don't take it apart near the heaty vent!