Sunday, September 13, 2015

Back to Back to Back

It's one thing to make a bunch of flimsies, it's quite another to make the backings for them. It's the part of making quilts I dislike the most.

I've got the backing done for the Triangle Dance. Here it is, wrong side up on the finished backing. I like to take pictures of the wrong side of my quilts.

For the Triangle Dance, I wanted to use more of the black on black fabrics I had kicking around. This was my starting point. Bleh.

This is what I eventually sewed up. Regular readers will notice the black on the lower left as the backing for the Spools quilt I made for my DS and DIL. The big print on the upper right is a Jane Sassaman fabric was used as a backing for the Black Rules quilt. The big Jane Sassaman print (with the bleeding hearts) was bought as a backing for something and I ended up using something different. So there's a lot that's been recycled here.

Sometimes you just get lucky. This is the solid Amish flimsy on top of the backing I selected.

It's perfect, the right tone of greens, and it's got violet and teal to boot. I knew immediately it was the one.

I made four blocks of twelve colors for the digital pinwheel quilt, and only used three of each in the flimsy itself, so I had one each left over and I decided to use some in the backing.  The other fabrics were from my stash. Three of them had been in there over five years. Time to get rid of them.

Here's the backing with the digital pinwheel flimsy wrong side up.

Three backings in one day. Phew!

 The next day I prepared the backing for the Blue Boy Rail Fence quilt. Woo Hoo!


Jackie said...

You sure were able to get a lot done quickly, nothing like a woman on a mission.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful backs - bet your own back is tired (mine would be). Each one of these quilts is going to be gorgeous!!!!!

Mari said...

You may not enjoy doing them, but your backings are lovely. These are going to be beautiful quilts.

Just Ducky said...

Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy!

Sharon said...

Three backings in one day must be some sort of record! I hate making them too. But you don't have a quilt until it has a back, so I do it. Great job! They all look great and go so well with their fronts.

Love that you take a picture of the back of your quilt top - I've never thought of doing that! I like my backs nice and neat too. Glad to know I'm not alone in that. ;)