Monday, September 7, 2015

Amish Flimsy in Solids

 The easiest thing about this flimsy was putting it together.

The trickiest thing was figuring out how wide to make the teal strips. I worked it out on paper, but in the end I had to do it by eye. I thought I had it right, and then decided it needed to be thinner, so I made it thinner.

Then it was just "cut it up and sew it."

It was all a guesstimate, and I thought it looked OK.

I am not a solids fan, but these Konas are fabric that is a real pleasure to work with.

Compared to the original, I think I nailed the colors although I can see the teals should have been still thinner. I'm not going to do it over. Nobody's going to see the original anyway.

The flimsy is 45-1/2" square (115.5cm).


FORGET IT! There's NO WAY I can look at this and not feel there's a problem, so yup, I took it apart...

 It was really a bummer to have to do this, but I did it, trimmed the teal strips down 1/4" and then I sewed it up again.

This time, I'm DONE. The quilt is 44-1/2" (113 cm) square. (Could the teal have been narrowed down a bit more? Probably, but I didn't want it to be too thin. The original is 78" square, so I had to guess to work out the dimensions, and in the end, I just did it by eye.)

By the way... If any of you saw the Quilts and Color show at the MFA in Boston last year, you cannot fail to remember how intensely the red and green quilts in the first gallery made you eyes go buggy. It's called simultaneous contrast, and it cannot be photographed. My quilt has that, and yeah, it's a lot better in real life.


Jennifer said...

don'tcha just hate it when that happens? sometimes we just cant' talk ourselves into imperfection, even if it's good enough. BUT- you're right: it did need to be done. the second time look much better. and now you'll be able to sleep at night- no telling how many nights you would have tossed and turned until you finally bit the bullet and ripped it out.
great job- now for the quilting- I forget, are you planning on hand quilting it, or will you send it out?

Kathy said...

NICE! I noticed an interesting effect thanks to the computer. When I use my cursor to scroll the page , the red center appears to pop in and out like a button on the keyboard.

Cheryl said...

Simultaneous contrast......that's interesting...I thought it was just me.
Your quilt is simple and simply stunning!

Megan said...

As I was reading, I came to the bit about not bothering to re-do it, and thought to myself, 'That's not like Lynne'. So I had to laugh when I continued and saw that you were true to yourself and re-did it. Good on ya! Looks sensational - absolutely sensational.

Sydney, Australia

Mary Ellen said...

Fabulous! I don't see enough of a difference with the tealstrips being 1/4 inch narrower to have warranted the reconstruction. In the end it's your quilt and if you're happy I'm happy. It looks great.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Knowing how much you love the original quilt (photo in book), I am SO happy you have made your own version.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Simply beautiful, I love it.

Valerie Levy said...

What the quilt wants the quilt gets... I just hate it when it demands the ripping apart of seams and starting over. Good for you for following your instinct, you'd never have allowed this one to settle had you not listened.
I love the colours, and the Konas...they are nice to work with!
I look forward to one day meeting this Kona quilt in person...since it cannot be photographed, perhaps it will demand a more personal introduction!