Monday, July 27, 2015

Does This Look Familiar?

Pop Quiz. No prizes for correct answers. Just some fun.

Does this look familiar?

Yes, it's my attempt to match the colors in my favorite quilt ever. (I had a D'oh moment on Saturday when I realized the solid REDS at QT were around the corner from the oranges. Oops.) For you Kona nerds, the red is LIPSTICK, the teal is JADE, the blue violet is BRIGHT PERIWINKLE, the green is GRASS GREEN and the binding is DARK VIOLET.

Here's the original*.

You all know how I like to push ideas around. So how does this next one look?
 This is made with blenders. Practically simple (Not!)

Would you like to try another?
This one is mostly batiks. I'm trying to push this around a bit more than the other one, but still keep the basic feeling of the original. So how much farther can I go with this?  How about one more?

Actually the limits of how far I can are dependent upon how far afield I am willing to shop for fabrics and the bottom of my checkbook.

So, big question, am I gonna make all four?

Um, yeah, but the last three won't be very big. I really haven't decided how big any of these are going to be yet. I have to start drawing and then I'll know.

*The original, btw is... made in wool, 78" x 78", circa 1900, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The maker is unknown. I found it in the book Sunshine and Shadow, the Amish and their Quilts by Phyllis Haders, Universe Books, 1976.


Jennifer said...

i love the third one; it's so YOU!

Megan said...

I agree - #3 gets to be The Biggy! lOL

Sydney, Australia

suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

Well I like them all! I wonder how it would turn out if you shrunk the size into blocks and used them all together? Maybe use a purple sashing?

sharon said...

so cool to see the fabrics posted after seeing your "process" on Saturday - love the "last one" can't wait to see them all...

Quiltdivajulie said...

Go for it!!!!!!!!!!