Friday, June 5, 2015

A Night Out

Last night I brought my nephew to the Currier Museum of Art for one of their "Currier After Hours" events.

We had a light dinner in the Cafe and listened to this folk band. It was great. The instruments included a drum one of the performers sat on to play (above), bagpipes, a clay jug, an 1846 banjo and a washboard. There was also the green thing on the far left, a combination of a metal drum and a double bass. Pretty amazing.

I couldn't take any photos in the Audubon exhibit, or of the sculpture my nephew liked best, or of him hamming it up next to an Audubon painting of a snarling fisher cart, but I could take photos of these two abstract paintings which reminded me of quilts.

This painting is by John Edward Heliker, an oil on masonite from 1952 called "Trastevere."

This new acquisition is by Ilya Bolotowsky, (an American born in St Petersburg Russia, 1907 - 1981). It is an untitled oil on canvas, painted in 1952.

I'm always telling you to go to your local Art Museum and look around. Every single one usually has free admission for residents on a specific day and time. At the Currier it's Saturday morning from 10 AM to noon.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, what a grand time the two of you must have had!