Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Shade Garden...

O. M. G!

The landscape guy came yesterday and I was thrilled.  When I got home he had already finished, and left me this.

It doesn't look like much, but it's nice dirt!!!  Since I am planning a garden that will grow over time he suggested I cover it with the black garden cloth and cut holes for the plants. This will cut down on weeding between the plants as they grow to full size.

So after watering it, I lay down the black garden cloth. Then I had to go to the hardware store for the staples to hold it in the ground. Tomorrow I'll have to get edging bricks because when they removed the old ones, they disintegrated from age.  And I'll get a few bags of those marble chips to hold the cloth down against the house.

Then the fun began. After some discussion, the garden space was enlarged, so I had to order more plants to fill that space. (You know how it is!)

This was my original plan. Below it is my list of additional plants I ordered. (I got them all on sale!)

Then I got my graph paper pad, and made a scale drawing, cut out little shapes for each plant and worked out where they would go.

Can you see the row of extra plants at the bottom that I couldn't fit in? My bad.
After that, it was time to lay out the garden (and try to figure out my handwriting).
I'll plant them tomorrow when the sun is out and the bugs are someplace else.  I can't wait!!!


Megan said...

Yaaaaaay. Don't you love it when tradesmen come, do a great job and save you from sweat and a sore back? Mind you, it looks like you've still got some work ahead of you. I hope Millie's snoopervision of the tradesmen made all the difference yesterday.

Sydney, Australia

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This looks like an ambitious project that you will enjoy for years to come; well done!

Pat said...

I love watching plants take root and start to grow. You are going to get so much pleasure from this garden.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, happy day . . . this is going to be a gorgeous spot!

Susan R said...

A garden quilt!! I love the way you think. Your artistic side screams from within, amazing just amazing!

Can't wait to see this latest creation evolve. Enjoy your time in the dirt!


imquilternity said...

Oh, I'm envious!! That looks like so much fun and it will be wonderful watching it all grow and flourish! If you are like me, you will will walking out in your garden every single morning to see the growth from the previous day. :)

Sherrill said...

Guess I should try to be a little more organized like that. :-) But I just kinda throw things in and somehow it usually works out! Yours will be quite lovely.

lindaroo said...

What fun, to start from scratch and see it develop! I have absolutely no skills or vision when it comes to gardening, but I appreciate gardens so much, and I admire you and other gardeners!

Just Ducky said...

Nice progress. Miss Millie must be so tired from all the snoopervision.