Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Garden Stuff

I don't understand this.

There's a lot of pretty color in back of the large landscape rock in my front yard.

In front of it, not so much. The front yard needs a lot of work. This area isn't so bad, but the area just beyond this is overgrown. First, I need to identify what I have and decide what I want to keep. Then I can think about what I want it to look like.

 In the meantime, can somebody tell me what this is? It's a small, prickly bush, about 24" across and perhaps just as tall.

I received the magnets I planned to use to hang the Welcome banner on the side door, but they won't stick. They will stick to the other side of the door, however. I'm guessing three layers of pink paint have something to do with it.  Oh well. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

It is a crimson Barberry and it is a pain.
I pulled it out of my beds because it catches the leaves in the fall. Hard to clean out.
I see you have spurge (the yellow flower)when you cut the flower or break a stem sap comes out.
Don't ever get the sap on your skin it will leave burns. I put a piece in my mouth to carry and got a nice burn that took a couple of week to go away.

suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

Yes, that is a barberry. When it goes to seed the birds spread them all over the place and they grow but are the green ones you see all over the woods and what not.
I agree with " cedar ridge" take it out.
It you like that color in your garden there are other perennials you could use.
Looking pretty. Can't wait to see what you add.

stitchinpenny said...

Try the outdoor Command hooks. They seem to stick to most things and stay fairly well where we used them.

Megan said...

This is fascinating to someone who lives with a garden that doesn't even get frost in mid-winter, let alone piles of snow. That your garden can 'bounce back' and look like this is simply amazing to me.

Sydney, Australia

Dee W said...

Maybe an over the door wreath hanger might be an option. I love that Millie is loving her porch. Good job!

Just Ducky said...

Yeah, barberry. I ripped mine out last year with the help of the neighbor and his son's small bobcat front end loader. Short order on the plants!

Kathy said...

barberry, you DON'T want it. Be sure to watch for seedlings that show up in the garden and in disturbed soil. They are easier to remove than the bush itself.

Monica McCurty said...

I have purple barberry in my flower beds in the Pacific Northwest, it's a nice color to add with Heuchera (coral bells) in a garden. I haven't had any issues with it spreading. I like it because it offers year around color, but our stuff doesn't get covered in snow during the winter.

Marei said...

I'm laughing a bit about the anti-barberry comments. I'm a fan of barberry and the color it provides. I've used it mostly as a back border plant but it's also lovely as a specimen planting. Yes you do have to watch for the volunteer seedlings but they're easy to remove. Gardens/gardeners are like quilts/quilters....each one different.