Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blue Deco

Take some of these

and mix them with some of these

and you get something like this
or, what I'm calling Blue Deco.

It'll be my "summer" table cover.  It's comprised of two blocks, each finishing out at 6" square. Block A has three 2" x 6" strips sewn together, block B has a 4" x 2" rectangle sewn to a 2" square, sandwiched between two 2" x 6" rectangles. (All dimensions are finished sizes.)  Couldn't be simpler and I'll be using the littlest pieces in my medium to light blue and blue-green stash along with little pops of color for the 2" squares.

I'll need about 117 blocks to make something to cover the table and hang down about 6" on all four sides. It should go pretty quick. I've made 20 blocks already, and I was just goofing around. I found the inspiration in this book, Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers.


Pat said...

Pretty colors. Looks like a fun project.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for recommending this book! I looked at their website as well, and their colors and patterns are so beautiful!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Fun! Look at you go ...

Sandi said...

Love those shades of blue, green and yellow you are using!

Megan said...

Simple patchwork used to great effect is my thing - so it's joyful to see what you're making with your scraps.

Sydney, Australia