Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just Soup-er

I added some space between the JUST MAKE and the SOUPER rows. 

Yes, I should probably add space between BE, CHICKEN and HAVE NO, (and yeah, the bird could probably use another heart) but right now I'm too pissed off. I wanted this to be a quick little down-and-dirty project but NOOOOO! The damn quilt has taken a life of its own and this sucker is one DEMANDING dude. 

Screw it. He can wait. I have other stuff I want to do first.

by the way, the title for this quilt is going to be "Just Soup-er."

And yes, I do have a large collection of dud or misfit letters and a lot of extra bits and bobs. I'm from New England. We don't throw anything out if we think it could be useful in the future. The only things I made for this quilt are the three hearts, the wonky four patches, the letter M in AMAZING, the ER in SOUP-ER and the two seminole dot trios. Everything else came from the scrap and orphans bins.


sharon said...

Yes, we New Englanders are pack rats by nature I think, maybe its the weather in the winter that makes for us keeping things just to have "on hand", must be the transplants who go to the supermarket for bread and milk, we would have dry milk and jiffy mix on hand to make milk and biscuits....

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I think it's soup-er!

For me, sometimes those down and dirties turn into UFO seeds :*(

Anonymous said...

I totally love those little hearts.

I'm so slow that I'd be very tired of whatever a quilt with letters said, long before it was done, but the birds and hearts suggest some interesting designs in themselves.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I like it - demanding or not!

Will be a terrific asset when you teach your classes . . . just ask your students (grin)

Pat said...

Leftovers sometimes make the very best soups. :D

Megan said...

I can understand why you're irritated, Lynne - but I would have thought you'd know yourself well enough to have realised that this was likely to happen before you started this 'quick' project! LOL

Sydney, Australia