Sunday, December 28, 2014

Filling in the Blanks

Here are the letters that make "Don't be." I'm using various fabrics with white backgrounds, some creams and other light or neutral fabrics to fill in the spaces between the letters and to fill out the panels.

The "Don't Be" panel will be sewn to the "Chicken Have No F" panel, and then the "Ear" and bird panel will be sewn to the right side.

Using different fabrics shows where I add all the extra bits. If I used WOWs you wouldn't necessarily understand how the different bits were joined together. This will be a useful teaching tool.


Megan said...

And a fun quilt in its own right.

Sydney, Australia

Debra said...

a wonderful example of creativity meeting technical know how.
It would be hard for me to leave it be as a top. I would eventually quilt that sucker in 5 years or so ;-)

Sujata Shah said...

I love where this is going!