Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another Distraction, Revisited

 The box of my dud letters from Julie arrived the other day and I had a grand time playing around with them on the floor. The soup dogs and rutabaga have gone away in favor of this phrase which I think is much better.

I've got a lot done. I washed and ironed the Fall House Top flimsy, and packed it to send to be quilted. I've also sewn the blocks together for the Rail Fence quilt, and found a piece of fabric in my stash that was (surprise!) all ready big enough to use as a backing, so that's packed up and ready to go too.

I've also worked on that special something I can't tell you about, and that's out of the way too.

So now I can wrestle with these letters and arrange them into a fun flimsy to bring to my letter making class at Quilted Threads, which will be held five weeks from today, on January 31!


Jennifer said...

I'm confused! you wash your flimsies? don't they fall apart?

Elaine M said...

I do like this phrase much better. I thought of refrigerator magnets where kids spell out all these funny phrases and the extra letter letters are pushed to the side in a pile. I could see the quilt with a bone pile.Have fun.

Megan said...

Wow Lynne - you HAVE been busy. Yes - this wording is terrific. Have fun.

Sydney, Australia