Monday, October 20, 2014


The master bath in the new house is my least favorite room.  It's got a big jacuzzi tub in the middle, surrounded by fake marble and carpet, and is open to the bedroom itself. If that's not bad enough, there is no traditional medicine cabinet and storage in the so-called vanity is meager at best. Instead there is a wall with built-in shelves, and they are equally homely.

I hate having all that stuff on display, and wondered what I could do about it. I need the shelves, so I couldn't get rid of them.

The solution came to me as soon as I asked myself the right question.

"Can I cover it up?"

Hell yeah!!! The quilt is hanging on a curtain rod that's well secured. I can lift the quilt to access the shelves and stuff behind it, yet not have to worry about the quilt falling down or into the tub in case I ever decide to use the thing.



Megan said...

I dunno Lynne - I think sinking into a hot jacuzzi with a drink and a good book after a day at work sounds pretty good. Why not give it a try?

Sydney, Australia

Pat said...

Good solution!!

Pat said...

Good solution!!

suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

Why do people put carpet in bathrooms?
Small mats or rug that can be laundered and dried is one thing but seriously.
I like your solution to cover the shelves. In time I am sure you will make something that you think fits the room.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Heh - I spy the quilt rack lurking in the background ...

Love the cover up - grand solution!

Michele Bilyeu said...

You know crayons are a bit like marbles. The more you have and use the better off you and everything you do will be ;-) As soon as I started reading I knew you'd have the solution before I got to the end. Brilliant is more ways than one, love it and your house tour room by room. I keep coming back for more. Fabulous space all in all!

Lori R. said...

I inherited a giant "garden tub" in a bathroom that also has a separate shower stall. I am a 5 minute shower girl, so that tub end up being the biggest space-waster of all time! It currently houses the litter box, but I fear the day will come that my 16-year-old kitty may find the jump too much.

Sharon said...

I really hate when bathrooms are so poorly designed. I had one in my last house with carpet AND a giant tub with what my son referred to as a "viewing platform". Total waste of space. :( And even worse was the giant window in the tub area. Ugh.

You have come up with an elegant solution to the ugly cubbies. Hope the rest of the room can be done to suit you too. Love the quilt there!