Sunday, September 7, 2014

Smart Thing, Dumb Thing

OK, so I'm packing. I'll be moving in less than a month. Boring boring, I know. Believe me, I'd much rather be sewing...  A couple of things I have learned so far:

Smart thing:
Taking pictures of your belongings in the drawers or locations where you store them so you can put them back the way you had them before you move. Trust me, your head will be so full of stuff you won't remember.

Dumb thing:
Underestimating just how much stuff you have. I never thought I had "a lot" of fabric. After putting it in bins and boxes, I can see how much space it takes up.
These six bins
and these five (soon to be six) boxes are filled with fabric. When I can make a quilt solely from fabrics in my scrap bins, like this...
and I hardly put a dent in my stash, that's a wake up call.  I need to make MORE quilts, not less, and I need to be LESS fussy and Arty. After all, like I keep telling my students,

"It's only fabric. It isn't Gold. It isn't doing you any good in your stash."

Must Make More Quilts.

Oh gosh, I can't wait!


Megan said...

That sounds like a great thing to say on your next word quilt, Lynne!

It is remarkable how little fabric is needed to make a quilt compared to how much is in the stash waiting patiently to be used, isn't it? I wonder why we allow ourselves to buy so much of the stuff.

I hope you're not pushing yourself too hard with the packing. Pace yourself.

Sydney, Australia

antique quilter said...

that is the best tip ever with moving I actually took pictures of all of my fabric in the closets as well . Its funny how you will go looking for something where it was in the old house! I love this scrap quilt wowl, Its beautiful. I have so many strips that could be made into quilts too, I need to sew more, love your quote, I agree with Megan make it into a word quilt!

Ruth said...

I like the idea about taking photographs of things where they are stored. I wish I had done that before we moved in July. Even though I was pretty well organized in packing and thought I knew where everything would go,I am still not settled. My space, though it is about the same size, is different in configuration and I have one large cabinet in the room that was not there before.
I will be watching your move with interest to see if I can glean some ideas for my space.

iris said...

Where r u going ?seems i miss some new . lol
I understand time after time that the more fabric I use the bigger amount left.

I use the same transparent containers for my fabrics,and i love them it inspire you for the new project, gray boxes is not showing what inside unless they r just for moving

Anonymous said...

As problems go, not a bad one to have really. Happy sewing, moving, and sewing.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great post!

Love that you are going to sew more ...

Monty Q. Kat said...

I mean, I can watch over some of those boxes. For safe keeping, of course. ;)