Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fee, Fie, Pho!

Obviously this post is not going to be quilt related.

This is a bowl of Pho, or Vietnamese noodle soup (this one has rare beef that is cooked when the hot broth is poured over it). It's # 25 at The Golden Bowl, a local restaurant. I love the stuff.

I've submitted all the paperwork and had an interview with the Membership Committee for the co-op I'm hoping to move into.  It's probably just a formality, but still. I've lived in my current apartment for over twenty-seven years. In that time you collect a lot of junk. Over the last couple of years I've done a lot of de-cluttering, but there's a lot of stuff that still needs to go.

When my son came back last year, he took a lot of stuff, but left some cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins, as well as a gigantic bin full of college textbooks. The basement is a bit damp, so the cardboard smells of mildew. They had to go. So I went down there and flattened out the boxes, and sorted through a couple of other boxes, filling another bin to bring to Goodwill. I also brought all the textbooks up and piled them in the trunk of my car.

After that I cleaned out the hall closet, (which is where the vacuum cleaner lives), the linen closet in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet (I found six, count them, SIX, travel sized bottles of shampoo), and sorted thru the cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink.

I put three garbage bags out in the trash bin, and left four under-bed plastic storage bins on the curb (where they disappeared inside an hour.) Then I made the trip to Goodwill. (It was the fourth trip in the last month.) After a trip to the big box hardware store to pick up light bulbs, extension cords and buy a floor lamp, then a trip to the health food store for garbanzo beans and farro, I was famished, tired and sore.

Nothing like a comforting bowl of noodle soup.

After which, of course, I didn't stop. I did the groceries, cooked up a batch of garbanzo beans, ordered new towels for the potential guest bathroom, brought a ton of stuff out to the recycle bin, made dinner, watched a lot of great tennis and did the dishes.

Yeah I know. blah-blah-blah.


Megan said...

Your energy for tidying up and de-cluttering is a wonder of nature, Lynne! And don'tcha just love it when you put things out on the naturestrip and someone snaps them up in only a short space of time? It's nice to think that things that you don't want might find a home other than in landfill.

Sydney, Australia

Poppy Q said...

You always need a lot of energy for moving. It is amazing how much stuff you find in corners of wardrobes and cupboards. My advice - be as ruthless as you can. I got rid of my bookshelves and most of my books, as they were just sitting there collecting dust. Piles of CDs and DVDs went as well. Good luck with everything Lynne.

Julie and Poppy Q

Derby, Ducky said...


Mary K said...

Once you start it is easy to keep going. It is the starting that is hard.