Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back to Butterflies and Birds

OK, I am back to making the sample for the Birds & Butterflies class. This is what I have so far. Now I have to add the asterisks. 

As you can see I haven't lined up the elements so far (Partly because I think that would be boring). I like that the elements in each row bounce up and down a bit. I also like the feeling of impending movement.  So...

There's this version. The quilt seems to want more than just five asterisk flowers, so I have made an assortment.  Here they are floating away very slightly.

Here I have rearranged the asterisks a bit, and let one of them float higher than all the others. I think that topmost asterisk is a bit too high.

In this version I've lowered that top asterisk just a bit, and I think it's better. There might be a tiny bit too much space at the top too.

I'm trying to avoid making a big quilt, and I guess I'm failing. But I'm happy with this and it will give my students a lot of examples of birds, butterflies, hearts and asterisks. I think it will be quite lovely when it is quilted, and all that empty space has lots of possibilities.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Love the variety in the birds . . . and your idea for the asterisks!

Anonymous said...

Can't waaaiiitttt!!!!!!!!!

Quilt Monkey said...

The way the asterisks are positioned above the butterflies reminds me of dandelion fluff floating away in the breeze! I love watching the progression of your quilts. Can't wait to see what you end up with!

Valerie Levy said...

Lynne, I love the whimsy of this.... !
You know I read the blog in the background and when I saw you were teaching I got really excited about the possibility of meeting you. So I looked to see when the class was being held as I thought I could make the trip from Nova Scotia and encorporate a little bit of a summer holiday but alas it's the only weekend of the whole summer I am tied to home! Maybe next time the stars will align!