Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Asterisks, Front and Back

I am sewing the asterisks together, and since they are arranged any which way, sewing them together is pretty interesting. I try to visualize how to sew them together without sewing into corners. First I trim the edges of the asterisks straight, and I usually add a chunk of background WOW fabric to one side, then put it up on the design wall to figure out where the next piece goes, and keep going from there. I don't usually end up with "exactly" what was on the design wall, but as long as I have a photo to guide me (hint hint: use your phone to take photos for reference) I'm in good shape.

 I'm not done. I still have to add one asterisk in the upper right hand corner, and I have to sew two more to the left side.

In these photos you can tell I use WOWs interchangeably. I like the variation they provide. I like the way the light hits them differently. Whenever I go fabric shopping I always buy about five or six WOWs in half yard pieces.

Here's what the panel looks like from the wrong side.

How do I get it to look this nice? I press the crap out of stuff, and I use steam. After I press, or before I sew one piece to another, I trim the edge to make sure it is straight. When I sew I pin the pieces together.

Julie watched me when she was here. "I pin stuff," I told her as I was getting ready to sew something together.

"You use a lot of pins," she said.

I shrugged. "Whatever. It works for me."

At any rate, the backs of each and every quilt I make look as nice as the back of the asterisks you see above.


Quiltdivajulie said...

In one of those new books we bought, there's an interview with someone who talks about the seam line becoming part of the design - certainly fits with the WOW seams in free-pieced work, too.

Pins are good . . . so are straight edges AND steam!

Jean said...

I pin a lot too, I totally believe in it. People tell me all the time, I don't pin and I hate to say what I think. :+)

Megan said...

I also use lots of pins. I want my corners to match! LOL I also use steam and I press the seams open - I find the blocks lie much flatter with the seams pressed open.

Sydney, Australia