Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Bird

I'm getting ready for my next class at Quilted Threads. This one is all about the extras, the "stuff." It's butterflies and asterisk flowers and hearts and, of course, birds. I keep making birds because I want to have a series of how-to pictures to show my students.

And here, as my Friday gift to you, is one of my secrets:
When I need a lot of birds, I make a big long strip of "bird legs" so I can just cut a piece crosswise however long I want.

How do I get the long skinny strips so straight? Regular readers know I don't cut a 3/4" strip.

All will be revealed at the class. Hope to see you there. There are still places available, and New Hampshire in July is a lovely place to be.


NeverBored said...

Thanks for the tip on bird legs! I love your birds and want to do a whole "flock" myself. So far I've made one and the legs were the tricky part. I can't help but look at fabric thinking, "that would make a great wing" !

Anonymous said...

I'll be there! Can't wait!!!!!

Judy in Michigan said...

Wish I could fly to NH for your class...I LOVE your birds - they are so beautiful with the gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for the tip!

Monty Q. Kat said...

If you make too many feathered friends you can turn them into a 'Flipping the Bird' quilt! ;)