Thursday, April 3, 2014

Back to Back to Back

I like to choose the right backings for my quilts. I never use whatever I have left hanging around unless it's perfect for the quilt. (You never know what you've got...)

So here is the backing, binding and hanging sleeve for the Mashed Potato Low Volume Crayons quilt.
As you can see I chose an equally low volume print for the backing and I used the same fabric for the binding as I did for the hanging sleeve.

Here is the fun bright backing, hanging sleeve and binding for the Bright Crayons:
Yes it's over the top, but it's also fun. It was in my stash, as was the fabric for the hanging sleeve and the binding.

Here is the relatively plain backing for the Black Crayons. You can see I used the mid-century modern print for the hanging sleeve.  This I did have left over, and I felt it was appropriate. For the binding, I used a print of color crayons on a black background.

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