Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Save Me

You know you're in trouble when you have TWO worktables in your studio (one is 30" x 42" and the other is 37" x 52") and both are COVERED in fabric.  Actually as I was finishing the black crayon quilt, I had an empty space barely 18" 24" in which to work.

So naturally I was feeling very virtuous when I cleaned the large table, and sorted all the scraps and put them away in the bins.

Until I cleaned off the other table, the bureau, and the stack of fabrics piled on the chair nearby.

I was left with this...
 I have not one, but TWO, enormous bins full of scraps that need to be sorted.

And then all of that has to go here:

And can I tell you how irritated THIS makes me?

And I'd much rather be sewing than doing ANY cleaning. I have components of TWO quilts that can be put together, and I'd like to have both done by June 22, when I teach the free-pieced letters class at Quilted Threads in Henniker NH.

And of course, I have two more quilts in my head... and I have to write my speech for St Louis, finish reviewing the first draft of my book, rewrite certain sections of that, send a four letter word on a trip (very hush hush), reconcile the checkbook with the bank statement, figure out a way to get Millie to the vet for her checkup, make a top for my favorite cutie-patootie, plan travel arrangements, hotel and flights for what has become the St. Louis - Los Angeles trip, and OH, it's bedtime!

See ya!


MrsB said...

I hate the cleaning up after finishing a quilt top....in fact, you may have guilted me into going down stairs and sorting it out.

I hate it, just hate it.

Quiltdivajulie said...

One thing at a time - you are coping with overload on top of overwhelmed.

Build those scraps into resource boxes (warm / cool / black and white for example). You can trim them down and fold them later - but they will be pre-sorted and contained.