Thursday, June 13, 2013


I've made progress.
The contents of the two big bins have been sorted. One of the small bins holds strips 2-1/2" wide; the other 2". The large bin is full of pieces I want to keep, and now have to sort. I sat down when I got home from work and went through the two big bins quickly.

How did I do it? What criteria did I use? Check out this list:

Is it bigger than 1-1/2" square? Keep
Do I like it? Keep
Is it sewn to something else? Toss
Has it got a bias edge? Toss
Have I got it in a larger piece of fabric? Toss
Have I got six thousand pieces of this stuff already? Toss
Do I like working with it? Keep
Do I hate it? Toss
Might I use it? Keep
Have I got too damn much of it? Toss
Do I really love it no matter how little I have? Keep

Am I getting tired of this? Toss
I hate it. Toss
It's boring. Toss
ACK! More of this damn stuff... Toss
I don't know. Toss.
Have I used it in the last year? No. Toss
It's tacky. Toss

Can you see the bin I have marked in the photo below?

It is a bin full of stuff that was sewn to other stuff. I've had it for six years. It was a lot easier to sort through after I did the two bins on the table. How easy?

I feel SO much better.  I feel....



Quiltdivajulie said...

A big WOO HOO to you!! Liberated and Light-hearted, too.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Such a great cutting table and process! Always love peeking into artists' minds..not to mention their studios and stash!

Mary said...

Love your criteria.

Cher said...

yes, works for me!