Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Black

I thought the ladies would make the "U" pretty special, but I am not sure the letter will "read" properly. All the other letters are made from one fabric, and this letter should be too. The fabric of the "S" isn't working. The design is too large and the rabbit is too distracting.  But you never know until you try.

I've been thinking a lot about WHY I like to make letters that make you look. I think it's because as an artist who loves to draw, I live in the land of subtle value changes.

Check out this Milton Glaser poster. It's called "Looking Is Not Seeing."

After I make this black version, there will be two more. One is the quilt "I" would make, using all colors, all values, using all the fabrics to their peak potential and including all my usual "inside jokes" and surprises. I'll make that one AFTER I make a "minimalist" version, which will include no color.

Oh I can't wait.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Or the ladies could be the two Letter L's . . .

I concur about the rabbit, cool as he is.

Great post.

Brenda said...

fun fabrics, but I find it hard to read. unless, of course, that's the look you're going for.