Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Over The Edge

Okay. Here are the low-key letters on a cream background. I like to push ideas around, and in this example, the idea went right over the edge. I wouldn't classify this experiment as successful, but some elements of it are. In that regard it holds some good lessons.

When this is photographed in good light, against a white background, the colors will show up better, but they'll never really "pop." There just isn't enough contrast.

Sure, this would all work if the fabrics were all pastels, but that wasn't the point of the exercise. I wanted to see just how "pale" the fabrics could be before they disappeared into the background. These same fabrics might show up more if the background was white, but again, that wasn't what I was looking for.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Congrats on reaching flimsy status - Over the Edge is quite stylish in a very low key understated way.

The single bird adds SO much!

Overall size?

Rebecca said...

Sometimes it is as important to see what did not work .
I actually think we have a chance to learn more that way

Michele Bilyeu said...

As a child growing up in
Alaska, my 4 brothers and I used to drool over the magical ads in our comic books...one of things we longed for was a spy kit with invisible ink. This reminds me of those days. Appearing and disappearing like magic. I suspect the little bird knows and tells just where all those crayons really are and why we now know just why we need to use all of them. I see that the folks over at Block Lotto are all making your birds now, too.

Sharon said...

It's very enlightening to see what works and what doesn't work with your low-key. It must have been hard to do - to contain yourself and stick to the low key. (I know it was for me!) Love the bird - he adds just the right touch!