Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Binding the Box

Long ago I discovered an easy way to hand sew binding on a big quilt. You need a table with a straight side, a rolling office chair and a good light. After I pin the binding, I pull it slightly off the table, so it's easy for me to hold. Then I just roll the chair along as I sew. In this way I don't have to worry about moving the quilt or getting stabbed with pins.

The Black Box Quilt will be on display at Quilted Threads for two weeks starting this Saturday, April 6th, so I've got to get the binding sewn down by the end of the week. I worked it out that I need to sew 69" an evening. Got that and a bit more done last night.


Susan R said...

Brilliant! I was binding a quilt (using my lap to hold the quilt) and I must have said "a naughty word" so many times I was apologizing to the Man upstairs out loud! Too funny.

Thanks for the idea Lynne.


Sheila said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Great idea, will have to try your technique. May even try sewing the binding on the back and hand stitching on the front. Have never done it that way. Thanks for sharing :)

Cher said...

it is always interesting to "see" how others tackle binding and getting nice flat straight sides and square corners. A fabulous quilt and won't you be thrilled once it is totally done. I prefer to stitch my binding down on the back of my quilt.

Mr. Karate said...

I love how you share your brilliant ideas. And they are brilliant.