Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wedge

Thank you Judy, for helping me work out how to assemble these elements. Judy suggested thinking of a melon, and wedges. It was only when I realized the letters could be part of a wedge did the whole thing make sense.  The other thing that helped me was dark crochet cotton taped to the design wall to help me figure out how much space I had to fill, and where my lines were.

Now that I know how I'm going to assemble these pieces, I have to work on the other letters and elements that will be part of the quilt. I can assemble it all later, after I've got a final arrangement. 

I was discussing the quilt today with one of my coworkers and she said  the "you have to start with a box" had to be all straight, and probably very regular and almost gridlike.  It's an idea worth considering.

Thanks all, for your observations and suggestions!

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Jean said...

Interesting idea, I think this one will be very interesting.