Friday, February 10, 2012

How Big?

OK! This should put to rest once and for all how big the Four Seasons quilt really is.  This is me standing in front of it. I'm five feet tall (152 cm).

Yes, the photo is fuzzy. This is what happens when you set your camera on the bookcase at one end of the room, set the auto timer and hope for the best.  You know what I look like. You know what the quilt looks like, but here is a view into my house. I've pushed the dining room table over so I could lay out the Red Sticks blocks on the floor.  Yes, those are CD's at the top of the room, hot glued to the burlap I put up years ago to cover the ghastly fake flock wallpaper. Yes, those are Christmas lights strung around the top of the room. Yes you can see into my school bus yellow bathroom. Yes, I painted the colorful dry sink on the right, and that's a portrait of my son on the wall above it. The little quilt on the left was from Gemma who lives in Wales, UK which I received in one of the early Doll Quilt Swaps.

In the next few days I'll be finishing up the Four Seasons Quilt, and I'll sew up the Red Sticks blocks.  I've got my next letter quilt planned, and if it comes out the way I hope, it'll be a doozy.

Stay tuned!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Your quilts are so much fun! And this one is no exception!! But I must say, I love how you were pro-active and answered every question anyone might have ahead of time. I think your house is scrappy and artsy.....just like you!

KQ Sue said...

I love the dry sink! I wanted to paint my studio lime green, but we moved. Family was objecting loudly, kept telling it was my studio - not theirs!

Clare said...

I'm 2" taller than you!

Love the dresser.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great post!

p.s. That dry sink is marvelous! I've always wanted one of those (and if I find one, I'm going to paint it!!)