Sunday, January 8, 2012

This, That and the Other

I finally got rid of the broken sewing machines. I put them out in the trash.  They were there in the morning when the sun came up at 7 AM, but gone by the time I left for work an hour later.  There had been no takers when I posted it on the local Freecycle.I had removed one of the machines from the cabinet, and set that out on the street by itself. It lasted an hour. Freecycle has been useful for getting rid of some other items - my artificial Christmas tree and an electric blanket, but it seems in my neighborhood just putting stuff out on the street is the fastest way to get rid of stuff.

I've got the backing ready for the Four Seasons quilt. The pattern of the fabric is larger than I expected, which is good. I like larger prints for quilt backings. I think a smaller print over a large area looks empty, and ultimately, a bit boring. I'll be sending the quilt to Chris later this week to be quilted. I've already told her to do whatever the quilt wants, which means custom quilting. I'm very excited about it.

I watched the first episode of Project Runway All-Stars the other night, and found it distincly underwhelming.  The runway isn't long enough to get a good look at the clothes, and there wasn't any drama. Not that I'm a fan of  so-called "reality" drama, but the show didn't really grab my interest. Am I the one who feels this way?

Julie has been sending me photos of her take on wonky houses.  She's doing barns, and they are coming along fabulously.  I hope she posts about them on her blog soon.  These are her first wonky houses, but you'd never know it, they're just great.


Yvonne said...

Putting stuff out at the curb works in our neighborhood also. I agree about the Runway Stars.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, dang..I was really hoping to see a nice big photo of your trash pile! I'm one of those people who has been known to dumpster dive for treasures and thrifty to a fault. But the time comes when you just have to dump and truly hope someone else will use it. Hmmm..trying to think of what an old, non-working sewing machine might be good for. A very large paperweight? Garden art? Doorstop for steel plated double doors???

Annie said...

I saw the first episode of Project Runway All-Stars. It was so boring that I forgot to watch it Thursday night. Where is Tim? Where is Heidi?