Friday, November 11, 2011

Wonky House Sneak Peek

Here are some of the fabrics I have selected for the Four Seasons houses.
 I am really getting excited about this project.

When I select fabrics, I don't just lay them out in a row. I arrange them as closely as possible in their positions in the finished block, like this one:
This house isn't part of my Four Seasons plan, but it gives you an idea of how I plan my houses.  This is also a great example of how collaborating with a child can make a great house.  When I was making a quilt for my godson a couple of years ago, I drew some simple houses on copy paper and asked his older brother and sister to color them and send them back to me.  I then interpreted their drawings in fabric.

Sometimes it's so hard to think of something if you can do anything that it's a good idea to limit your options.  In this case I had to stick with the colors from the drawing. It forced me to be creative about using my fabrics. What if I told you that you had to make your Four Seasons houses with only fabrics that are in your stash right now? Would that help you to think more creatively?


Quiltdivajulie said...

Pulling my fabrics is on this weekend's list ... sometimes the hardest part for me is containing all the "detail" ideas and keeping things simple (editing OUT rather than being too expansive).

Who else is playing along? Do we know yet? Will be fun to see the various interpretations!!

Terri said...

My stash is like a quilt store. I do have pretty much every color... and some great textures, too. It's time, woman, time that I need. Any ideas on how to get more of that?

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't commented much lately...things crazy here. I have been watching the process of the 4 seasons quilt....WOW!!! I love what I am seeing. Not that I am surprised, ALL of your projects have a special touch!