Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Plan

My back was hurting a lot last night, so after dinner I lay on the couch and drew up this plan for the winter panel of the Four Seasons quilt.It's not perfect - the two groups of trees should be ever so slightly closer together, and I don't want the two biggest trees to be exactly the same height. I may push the house back a little, and even make it smaller, but overall I'm pretty pleased with it.  It's a start, and will give me something to think about.

Like, how am I going to make those trees overlap? Last night I wasn't so sure. This morning, I think I have it figured out.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

I'll be dealing with the same "overlapping" issue soon ... thinking that I start from the rear and then slice into those as I work forward . . . we'll see!