Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Cabin

Here's the Winter Cabin for my Four Seasons Quilt.
I like my houses to sit properly on the ground, so mine have a bit of ground higher on each side of the house. I think it gives them more weight and solidity.

I think the house resting right on the same line as the ground looks a little weird.  It's my art background intruding, I know.  For me making truly wonky houses is an exercise in breaking so many rules about how things really look that I just have to give in now and again.

(Rules about how things look: usually the top edge of windows line up with the top edge of doors; the roof is symmetrical; the chimney is higher than the roof point. the eaves are the same width on both sides of the house. And any cat that size would be about the size of a small lion!)


Judy in Michigan said...

Thanks for the tips. I guess I never thought about the rules, just made houses the same old way. Your way is so much better!! It looks great but no snow on the roof?

Quiltdivajulie said...

I can only imagine the mixture of liberated v. trained that mixes into what you do ... liberated and wonky are not easy, under any circumstances. Whatever habits we have tend to work their way into everything we do - deliberately or not.

I'm watching for the tree tutorials (how to put one in front of the others).


Terri said...

Can't have any fun unless...
At least you know the rules. I have a few wonky houses on my blog from a quilt show I went to... if you want a little eye candy.

joe tulips said...

the house sitting below the horizon does look better. For wonky though, what would happen if the horizon wasn't the same on each side? Would it just look like a hill?

Aileen said...

Hi Lynne: I love your wonky houses and Four Seasons. I have wanted to make a quilt of a "Neighborhood" since finding Freddy Moran's book "Freddy's House". I bought a lot of fabric to replicate that quilt but did not make the quilt. I want to create my own. Yours inspire me to go for it! This year my goal is to let myself be creative and see where it leads.