Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter and Spring - Update

I'm learning how to make the trees overlap, but I'm not there yet. The spring house is a bit too uptight and needs a bit of loosening up.

I have a nifty idea for the summer panel.

Click the photo to enlarge (I tried to disable the damnable Lightbox feature.)

Updated - (that's what you get when you try to post a blog from your iPhone - a cropped photo!) I've replaced the photo with a better one from my digital camera, and removed the Lightbox cropping feature from the blog settings.

Dear SF, yes, that black and white tree in the cluster of all the others - it's farther away, so you can't see it, and it probably is in a snowbank.

Clare, Right now I'm making the trees without "background" on one side, and then joining them to "fully formed" tree blocks. I have the step-by-step photos but haven't put them together yet. I promise to show a how-to, but that won't be until I have the process down pat in my own head.  Right now I'm still bumbling along.


The Selvage Fairy said...

I love the Dogwood? tree in the sping panel.

The Selvage Fairy said...

The black and white tree in the winter panel...its trunk is buried in a snowbank right?

Clare said...

I can't enlarge the photo as you've got the Lightbox app enabled. Are you slashing the trees and then joining them together?

Susan said...

I love where this quilt is's going to be great!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I had a really cool comment written and blogger refused to publish it -- happens a lot lately (another pet peeve!)

Yeah - no more light box!

Happy bumbling with the trees - they're looking very good! (I am watching closely)


Jean said...

I love these...especially the way you put the trees together in the top one. Great job!

Chris Daly said...

I love those trees!