Monday, October 24, 2011

Four Letter Words

 For the afternoon exercise of my class at Quilted Threads, I distributed lists of four letter words to each student. 
 The lists were deliberately filled with words that weren't literal and used some of the "trickier" letters.
 Students had to pick a word, and sew it up using different fabrics.
 I wanted them to push the letters around a bit, and use their fabrics to their full potential.
 This was a difficult exercise, but the students rose to the challenge and really "got it."
 After she made her word, one student commented, "I don't think I'll ever look at fabric the same way again." 

I was thrilled, because that was exactly the point! I wanted the students to be confident to make free-pieced letters, but I also wanted them to get a sense of the possibilities.


Katrin said...

What an experience!
I wish I could have been there!
Greetings from

Terri said...

Love & Kiss - 2 of my favorite 4 letter words!
Hugs! (also)

Judy in Michigan said...

Great idea!! Wish I had thought of doing that!! Next time for sure.

joe tulips said...

I am such a tone on tone fabric person! I should have been in class!

Tonya Ricucci said...


Jean said...

Looks like great fun!

Clare said...

Fun fun fun! Love "icky".