Monday, October 31, 2011

After three VERY stressful weeks, I needed to get into the sewing studio and do some sewing, so I decided to make a wonky house.

As I was taking a picture of it, I thought it almost looked like it did when it started snowing on Saturday (green grass, snow falling out of the sky).  I thought about the four seasons, and wondered if could make the same wonky house in four seasons...

I think that's a distinct possibility!


Judy in Michigan said...

Are we starting a Wonky Quilt Along??? Sounds like fun, dear Leader!!

sawyouhij said...

I love any wonkies u do, I wish i can show u my words on a wonky stars quilt.
I have no blogs is there other ways?
Thank u 4 all what u show and all your tuts

Megan said...

But where's the puddy cat in the window?

Sydney, Australia