Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Black Cat's Rules

This little cat, sitting in the "O", has given me the title for this quilt. "The Black Cat's Rules."
I brought the quilt outside at 7 AM this morning, where the sun was shining directly on it, making the colors sing.A wisp of cloud floated by, enabling me to take this picture, which I think best represents what the quilt looks like in real life. As the cloud drifted away, the shimmering quilting began to pick up and reflect the light back, and I thought, "This is the way this quilt should be seen!"

Red Letter days will start again next week!


Susanne (flicKwerk) said...

Brilliant! Love the colors, and all the funny details and of course the quotation.

Sharon said...

This is just fantastic! Beautiful colors, beautiful quilting, and I love the title! Now who would that cat be?? *grin* I like what the lighting has done for the quilt in these photos. All the hidden "fun"s show up! You (and Chris) did a fabulous job.

Jean said...

It is gorgeous! I am going to try to get caught up on the letters today, in between quilting.

Jean said...

Just an update, I am caught up on letters and will post later...have to keep going now and stay off the computer!

Quilter Kathy said...

Hope you're feeling better and taking good care of yourself. I am trying to catch up to the letters already posted but look forward to seeing new ones!