Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The ALL THE in the Black Rules quilt is gonna be HOT. HOT colors, from the warm violets to reds and red-oranges to yellow. What caught my attention in the lqs last weekend was RED. I thought... hot damn... why not change the second half of the Black Rules quilt and make it move toward hot colors?The top half of each quilt (IF YOU OBEY ALL THE RULES) is pretty much the same.. same colors and fabric for each letter in both quilts. After that, they are going to be different. The fonts, the shape of each letter will be the same, but the colors will be different. I do plan to include some hidden FUNs in the Black version, and have a unique exclamation mark and point.

So, as usual, stay tuned!

1 comment:

Dorothy said...

I love the white but I think I may have to hold out til the black is done to pick favs. It's lookin' great. Thanks for sharing.