Friday, June 3, 2011

Hanging Sleeve for Make It Work

Last night I sewed up the sleeve for the Make It Work quilt. It had been a rough day (doctor's visit plus LOTS of X-rays for a back problem, and an MRI in my future), so I started working on automatic pilot. As a result, I over-engineered the sleeve. Which is to say I made it strong enough to hold a quilt six times the size. Oh well. Better more robust than wimpy.Julie told me how to make a hanging sleeve, and it's great. It's a "D" shape and holds a quilt beautifully. Thing is, it takes a piece of fabric the width of the quilt by 24" (Bear in mind the MIW quilt is about 24" square.) I don't mind the fabric requirements, but I like the backings as well as the hanging sleeves of my quilts to look nice, and not be made out of fugly fabrics. However, in the end you only see 6" of that 24", and I hate wasting 18" of "good" fabric (read: fabric I would use in a quilt.)

So I figured out how to use some "fugly" fabric (these roses) in the parts of the hanging sleeve nobody would ever see.


Tonya Ricucci said...

so sorry to hear about your medical issues. ugh. fingers crossed for quick painless recovery!

sewmeow said...

Oh..Millie, sorry to hear about your back probs. MRI will tell them what they need to know to help you. Great idea on the 'fugly' fabric.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sorry to hear there's an Em-are-eye in the near future ... as Furby used to say "NO FUN" ... (and most of my hanging sleeves are scrappy so only the "good" stuff shows).

Michelle said...

That is such a cute little quilt -- love the saying and the quilting! I think the roses would've been in my "to use" pile -- I'd have gone with muslin or old sheets for the part that doesn't show.