Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrappy G-block Quilt

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I arrange a whole series of scrappy blocks and they all look good together. I made 30 12" x 12" blocks from some of my big pile of precut "chunks" leftover from all the cat quilts I made (affectionately called Gizzy quilts). I laid them out on the floor, moving them around a bit.

They looked pretty good together, and I liked the way the colors flowed around, so I sewed them together into a 60" x 72" flimsy.

It's raining out, so I can't take a picture of the whole thing, but it looks good. Now I'm working on the backing.

I still have a gigantic pile of stuff left over!

PS: Go check out Steffi's blog. She asked if I would mind if she made a Rules quilt of her own. I told her to go right ahead. She's almost there, and she's doing a great job!

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