Saturday, March 5, 2011

White Rules - Update

I've sewn the letters into words, but I haven't sewn words together yet. Here's what I am thinking... I like "IF YOU" and there needs to be a bit more space between "OBEY" and "ALL." The space between "the" and "RULES" is okay, but it needs to be a bit lower than the word row above it. I just realized I can't spell "YOU" so that's gonna have to change (gee, that's funny-looking).

I like the spacing of the letters in "MISS" but the lady is too high, she has to move down lower, because I don't like the wide empty space between "the RULES" and "YOU MISS," and obviously I can't chop her head off.

I started sewing the words together because I needed to see how much space these words would occupy, and so I would get a better sense what to with the "all the" and then the "Fun" which come afterward.

OK, I fixed "YOU" and I lowered the lady just a bit, and I think it is looking good."the" and "Rules" need a bit more space between them, as do "YOU" and "MISS", but I really think the first two words may need to be centered, like so...
I'm starting to get excited!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Let the word MISS be the first to be a little wonky ... perhaps a slight slant from upper left to lower right to accommodate the difference in letter heights?

I LOVE that you stitched YOU together the "wrong" way ... TOO funny! (first broken rule right there).

Have fun! (Your F is fantastic, btw)

The Selvage Fairy said...

Have you ever printed on fabric? It occurred to me that you could scan the lady and print her out slightly smaller.

Wanda said...

Hi - Just visiting. Love those letters and most of the modifications! However... a thought ...centering " IF YOU" looks like following the rules :) Personally, I liked it the other way better but anyway is very fun!!

Tonya Ricucci said...

love the miss in the miss. heee hee hee