Friday, March 4, 2011

No More Green

The green mat was useful, but I didn't like working on it. It was dark, and this sewing room (especially in winter) isn't very bright, and seeing the edges of things was hard. And it had a bump in the middle. I tried rotating it, but the bump was still where I wanted to work.So I bit the bullet and ordered a large white cutting mat. It arrived yesterday, and I took it out of the box and let it relax a bit, then laid it out on the table and trimmed it to size.

What a big difference! I love it! Woo hoo!

You HAVE to check out the quilt Julie and Chris and I made, Hidden Potential, at Julie's blog, here. I am positively thrilled!


Helen said...

White seems such a sensible colour compared to that green!

Tonya Ricucci said...

more details please! I hate the green too and would love to know more. esp after you've used it a while - is it really as self healing as it thinks it is. and what does the back look like? I usually use the back of cutting mats because the lines distract me.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Just coming up for air after another marathon session with "the ugly contract" -- I, too, want to know more about the white mat. Does it smell better than the green ones? (they stink when they're new, and even not so new). And, like Tonya, I use the back without the lines (when using green, anyway). Tell us more!

(p.s. I will wash/dry your quilt before shipping - giggle!)

Margarita said...

More on the "mat" you say you cut it to fit, how big was it to start with?
I would love one too.