Friday, January 28, 2011


The new iron is a Shark lightweight. I use steam, and I hate emptying the water reservoir when I am finished working.
I've bought expensive irons, and I've bought cheap ones, and I've bought "mid-range" ones. They all seem to have a finite life span. So now I resign myself to getting a new iron about once a year. When I buy an iron, I usually want it Right Now, so my selection is what's limited to what's on the shelf at whatever big box store I'm in. But I want an iron that gets HOT (1500 watts as opposed to 1200), a large water reservoir, a stainless steel soleplate and a LONG cord. Nowadays you can't seen to get one without the "auto off" feature, which is a PITA for quilters.

This one is lightweight, which is nice. It's easily maneuverable, and it's smaller than most models.

It's not like I'm going to iron clothes or anything like that!


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

LOL, I saw I blog quote that said "an iron is not just for clothes". Like you (I suspect ) an iron is only for the sewing room!!!


Michele Bilyeu said...

My Rowenta bit the dust right before Christmas and I went out with the same reasoning you did...and I ended up with a Shark..just like yours! The price was really good and I love the power burst of steam ..that actually worked better on my Shark than my Rowenta where it was always the first thing to pass on to Rowenta heaven. I'm happy with mine and believe it or not, Ripley...I iron clothes and I even sew them from scratch and my own designs, too;)

Mama Spark said...

I will be interested to hear how you like it when you get it home and use it too. Keep us posted.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Omigosh ... that is THE SAME iron I just bought!!!

Millie said...

Benta - Yup, my iron is only for the sewing room.

Mama Spark - I've used it already and I love it.

Michele, Julie - that's just TOO funny!

jdqltr said...

I've owned two of these irons over the past few years.... another friend had one too (so this speaks for three irons total). First off I have to say the heat and steam of this iron rivals Rowenta but... all three irons gave out at about a year old. Two got to the point they would not turn on unless you power cycled them (unplug/plug). I plugged mine into a power strip to make it easy. But for the price, and the fact that too I seem to get an iron every year, I bought a second one. This one about 11 months down the road just would not turn on any longer, power cycle or no.

This past year to replace the last Shark when it died, I went online to Amazon and read the reviews. I was at the point I didn't really care how much I spent, I just wanted a hot, reliable iron. Turns out, based on reading tons of reviews, no such iron existed at any price!

My current iron is B&D D6000 All-Temp steam iron from Amazon, $37. Not as hot, not near as much steam. Only had it since May, so I don't know it's longevity.

My next iron??? will probably be the Shark again. Maybe they will have fixed their problem by then???